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Lannie Battastini

Lannie Battistini was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and naturally loved music from the tender age of 5. By 15, his mother was booking him to entertain guests at hotels, civic centers, and government events.  

At 19, he was accepted at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and majored in arranging, composition and film scoring, with the piano as his main instrument. This clearly prepared him for a life long journey in the music industry.  

Following his Latin heritage, he is known for his unique eclectic style as he incorporates different genre fusions to his original compositions and integrates his multi-instrumentalist skills and original sounds with other music genres in all his productions.  

He was first known as a performing Pop/Jazz artist before his peers recognized him and respected him as a skilled and well-seasoned producer. You can appreciate many of his compositions within his own albums as well as another 70 plus productions he has done for other independent recording Artists throughout the years.  

For 25 years, he has performed throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean in numerous Jazz Festivals, Theaters, concert halls and Parks such as Busch Gardens and Sea world in Orlando Florida; as well as had his own music spinned at over 50 Jazz Radio Stations across the Nation, Canada, Western Europe, and the Caribbean.

For a while, he lived in Los Angeles, where he was involved in arranging and productions with Kenny Passarelli, the bassist for Elton John.  He also directed the band, toured and part of the production team for the record label, Acid Jazz Records.

Lannie’s dedicated years to his music, has allowed him to win numerous recognitions and awards for his song-writing abilities as well as his performances as keyboardist and pianist. He has also had the honor to share live stages as keyboardist with well-known and legendary Latin artists such as Grammy winner’s Giovanni Hidalgo, Dave Valentin, Tito Puente, Humberto Ramirez, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Paoli Mejias and Jose Feliciano, to name a few. He also toured throughout the US and Latin America for internationally known Latin Pop artists such as Ednita Nazario, and Victor Manuel.  

The Ultimate highlight of his career came when Lannie toured worldwide for two years with Iconic Latin Pop Artist, 2X Grammy and 2X Latin Grammy winner and 3X Platinum Record, OLGA TAÑON. In 1999-2000, during this tour, they Recorded live at the House of Blues, “Olga Viva, Viva Olga”, and in 2000 won the Grammy and Latin Grammy for "Best Tropical Album”. Album Went Platinum the following year!  

Lannie has produced and release 3 Jazz Albums, "Hands In Motion”, "En la Cima" (At the Top) and  "Nomenclatura”. His First contemporary instrumental album featuring Flutist Elaine Emminger was released in 2015 and now he is producing and collaborating with Flamenco Guitarist Greg Reiter. This album will be different genres fused with Latin rhythms in a contemporary instrumental style. Album due to be released 2016.  

Since 2005, Lannie headquartered his business in Florida with his Manager/wife Neysa. Although his busy production schedule keeps him from performing as much as he would wish to, he will takes the time to accept certain live engagements throughout the year.  

Lannie's passion is always demonstrated by his God-given gifts, as a piano virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, composer and songwriter. He never takes his gifts for granted and knows they can only come from his Creator...flowing through his fingertips.... also making him one of the happiest guys you will ever meet.

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