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Lightnin' Willie

LOS ANGELES BASED BLUESMAN Los Angeles based bluesman Lightnin’ Willie has developed a particularly intriguing wrinkle on the genre, one that’s cool, airy, with a sinuous groove that infiltrates his audiences’ consciounsness invariably gets them on their feet. He has no quarrel with mixing dancing with blues. Jonny Whiteside / L.A. Times

Lightnin’ Willie band winner of two Southern California blues challenges (Los Angeles and Ventura County Blues Society) and a semi finalist at the international blues challenge in Memphis. This small but mighty band aka ‘The Biggest Little Band on Earth with Michael Murphy on keyboards/key bass (Stevie Nicks Band, Joe Walsh, Chuck E. Weiss, Pete Anderson Band…) and Jerry Olsen on drums (Lowell Fulsum, Roy Gaines, Zola Moon, Charlie Musselwhite, The Poorboys…) As a three piece band packs a punch and I can’t figure how they do it with just one guitar player, one keyboardist and one drummer. It apparently comes down to great musicianship. Dynamics are lie a volume knob on a stereo constantly bringing it down and then up into the center of the song to underline a vocal line, hook line or just staying comfortably in the pocket. Touring the U.S.A. and U.K. and Europe. They always encourage the audience to have fun and what they don’t know about putting on a good show isn’t worth knowing.

Currently recording their new album under the guidance of legendary guitarist/producer Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakum, K.D. Lang, Roy Orbison, Buck Owens, Mark Chestnut, Meat Puppets…) Slated for release later this year.

An April mini tour up through California, Oregon, and Washington where they headline the Gray Sky Blues festival in Tacoma on April 9th. Later in the month WIllie will be performing with the Pete Anderson band at the Ventura County Blues Festival on April 30th. Take the time to catch them live you won’t be disappointed as it’s always better to see a great band live rather than read about what you’ve sorely missed.

-Anthony Batey/Maverick Roots Magazine.